7 things you probably don’t know about me

I'm a programmer with a very little knowledge of programming language, front end and English language, but may be I have more confidence about it. 

I've shared something about my feelings and thoughts. You may not agree with all.

  1. I like to help people - I have helped many people in my life but I learned a lot from this. You are thinking what I learned? Do not help the person who can do that work himself. I am a talented student in my class. I was helping people a lot. They did not care about it. They no longer give credit. I stopped myself. I learned that I should help those people who really need my help. 
  2. I'm afraid not to die now - I have no fear of dying because It's a little bit long story. Sometimes my quarrel was with the wrong people and I was always fearing about fight. Once upon a time I became very angry. And then I realised that I was not thinking anything except the beat. I know this is not a good reason but the main reason is something that I can't share. Then I'm afraid not to die.
  3. Honesty and behaviour - I always calculate that who is with me with honest and good behaviour and who is not with me. Some people sometimes become honest and sometimes become deceitful. I do not try to be a good person in the eye of the deceitful. I only try to be honest with good people. Who is sometime becomes good person and sometimes become bad person, Then I am also sometimes good and sometimes bad person. About new people in my life, I don't see their faces and dress to know that how that person is.
  4. I love babies - I love babies because of their cuteness. They are always innocent. Their fingers are so soft. Sometimes they look at my eyes with a hope.
  5. I don't care my certificates and marks - I do not care about my marks any time because my knowledge can not be reduced or maximized with any given marks. I love to learn that subject what I want to learn and I always learn that subject.
  6. I do not think anyone has less knowledge than me - As I said in my 5th line, I learn what I like to learn, then another person will be learning his second subject, then how can I compare it with someone about knowledge. I have never said that I am wonderful about my subject because there is no end to learning about any subject
  7. I hate non-vegetarians - Well sometime, we've seen in movies like Wrong turn that a person kill and eat another person. Did you liked it? No, because you know human feelings, Human's pain. Every animal have their. Every animal has life, every animal also has pain when we give them pain. The butcher does not care about the spirit and pain of the animal. I think all Non-vegetarians are an animal.

I have many feelings that what I like and what I do not like, but I just want to share these feelings with everyone.

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