ARM LIFT: Who is the good candidate for it???

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Nowadays most people are trying hard to have a healthier lifestyle by including  a balanced diet and regular exercising. By maintaining a proper dieting and exercising helps in reducing the excess fat content, but as a result most people’s tend to have sagging excess skin at the under portion of the upper arms. The presence of these excess skin leads to insecurities and reduces the confidence in wearing short sleeves. For people who suffer with such an issue, the best solution to resolve it is to have an arm lift surgery.

An arm lift also known as “brachioplasty" is a surgical procedure which removes the excess skin and tightens the tissue, from the under portion of the upper arms. This surgery helps in changing your sagging upper arms into a well toned one.

Since liposuction in the arms Bangalore is a surgery, everyone can’t undergo it. There are specific characteristics that make a person ideal enough to undergo the surgery. Also as similar to other surgeries, an arm lift also has benefits and risk related to it. An arm lift surgery handled by the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore, who is well experienced and trained in this surgical procedure will bring up will the best results that you have desired for and also reduces the risks and complications to it maximum extend.

So the characteristics that make an individual; a good candidate for an arm lift surgery are:

  1. The person must be at or near the stable weight
  2. The person must be a non-smoker
  3. The person must have positive outlook and realistic expectations with the surgery
  4. Pregnant women’s are not a good candidate
  5. Individuals who suffers from severe medical conditions are also not a good arm lift candidate
  6. The best candidate for arm lift is those who have excess skin hangs from the upper arms
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