Arm Lift: Tips for Recovery


An arm lift or Brachioplasty is a plastic surgery where the excess skin and fat are removed from the upper arms. As reasons such as excess weight loss and aging leads to sagging of skin in the arms and a liposuction in the arms Bangalore can make the saggy arms into much toner and a beautiful one.

The recovery plays an important role in bringing up the best results. The best recoveries give way to the best result. Here are some common recovery tips that are related to an arm lift

1.Follow all the instructions given by your surgeon

2.Don’t miss out the follow up consultations after the surgery because only by this your surgeon could measure out your speed of recovery

3.Take all the medications that are prescribed by the surgeon

4.Talk to the surgeon, if you feel any concerns regarding the recovery

5.Immediately consult with the surgeon if there are any complications

6.Get plenty of rest and sleep

7.Have a lighter and a healthier diet

8.Drink plenty of water

9.Take off enough days from work for the recovery

10.Don’t your arms to lift up yourself and in lifting any load

11.Resume the activities, when it is instructed by the surgeon

12.Do not touch the incisions 

13.Sleep with the arms elevated with pillows; this in turn reduces swelling and discomforts

14.Avoid alcohol during the initial recovery

15.Wear loose fitting close rather than those dresses which has to be pulled over the head.

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