Dimple Creation: What are the risks related?


Dimple creation also known as dimpleplasty is a surgical procedure to create artificial dimples on the cheeks. Further in some peoples dimples are found to have at their chin also. Dimples are usually a result of facial muscle deformity and most cases the presence of dimples are referred as an attractive feature. Some persons are blessed with the presence of dimples whereas most of them are not, thus for those who wish to have a dimple to make their much more beautiful, nowadays the most popular procedure this is "dimple creation".

Dimple creation is a safe procedure and has minimal risks and complications compared to other surgeries. Since it is a surgery, it is usual that it would have some complication, but it important to note that if a person is undergoing a dimple creation surgery under the best plastic surgeon Bangalore who is well trained and experienced in carrying out this surgery, then the rare complications and risks could be reduced to its maximum level. Along with this for complication free recovery it is also crucial to strictly follow all the post operative instructions given by your surgeon. 

Some of the complications of this surgery are:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Redness and swelling
  • Bleeding at the treated site
  • Delayed healing
  • Dimple asymmetry

After the surgery, the patient can also expect to feel swelling and bruising that usually goes out without an additional treatment. If you have undergone this particular surgery and if you are any complications mentioned above, then the best option is to consult with your surgeon as soon as possible because even these complications that are related to dimple creation occurs rarely, but when occurred it would leads to severe complications.

Let the surgery be a dimple creation or any other surgery it is always better to be well informed about procedure such as the preparation required before undergoing the surgery, the steps involved in carrying out the surgery, the instructions that has to be followed during the recovery period and at last the risks and the benefits related to the surgery.

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