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People respect authors, and anyone who has published a book gains a decisive advantage in their marketplace. A well-crafted book establishes your credibility, defines your expertise, and tells your unique story.

✔ Are you ready to join the big leagues?

"I achieved all my goals with Richard's help. I wanted to gain the attention of the CEO of my very large company and get invited to speak at events. The CEO actually wrote the forward for my book and I've been asked to speak at a big conference! The book is a smashing success." -- One of my clients

I know what you're saying: "I don't have the skills or the time to write a book". It can be daunting. Besides, do you really want to take that time away from running your business, making income, and solving real problems?

That's where I can help. My mission is to listen and understand, and then clearly convey your message so you get results. With over 35 years of experience as a senior manager and leader with a strong technical background, I can write about any subject and get you noticed.

My passion is to help businesses and individuals strengthen their brand, establish their credibility and prove their expertise. I've published 63 books ( bestsellers), ghostwritten 19, and authored over 1,000 articles. Some of my works include Focus on LinkedIn, Cyberheist (for KnowBe4), and Digitize or Die (as Copy Editor). The subjects range from artificial intelligence and IoT to property management, business cleaning, and retirement programs.

A book clearly defines your brand, builds excitement about you and your business, which results in more qualified leads, greater opportunities, and increase sales opportunities.

We'll work out a plan to write and publish your book that meets your schedule and budget.

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