Movies 2019? discuss and suggest

Movies 2019 what have in mind? at your cloud wish list ?

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  • People are guessing about avengers endgame theories everywhere in news on youtube. I've seen many theories about #avengers movie.

    • Spider Man i am sure not going to see it i din't like the previous movie and stop watching it so is a NO .But if you like it is fine

      • Oh.. Yeh, I like it 😀 

        • Sourse : 

          I type fast titles that know or hit me ..

          • Hellboy
          • Glass
          • Jacob's Ladder  (remake) / Jacob's Ladder (1990)
          • (very good)
          • X-Men: Dark Phoenix  (yes, curius)
          • The Force ?
          • The Kid Who Would be King ?
          • Captain Marvel (yes)
          • Shazam! (yes)
          • Pet Sematary (remake)/ Pet Sematary (1989) (i liked it)
          • John Wick 3: Parabellum  (yes)
          • The Secret Life of Pets 2 (yes)
          • Annabelle 3 ?
          • Top Gun 2: Maverick (curious)
          • The New Mutants (yes ,curious)
          • IT: Chapter Two (yes)
          • Frozen 2 (yes)
          • Masters of the Universe (yes very curious)
          • Death on the Nile (curious)
          • Every movies title are sounds good and that will make me to watch them.