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This Puja or Homam is done to the of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this Homam, one gets long life from Ayur Devatha.By doing this Homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha. Ones a this Homam is for healthy living and long life. If you are from any for long, then also Homam is recommended.


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It is visible over the past , and as you move into the , do so with the joy and that you are wiser than you have ever been. Traditionally, many people feel the New Year as a perfect time to get off to a fresh start with Tips and embracing the new changes they’d like to make to enhance each and every area of their lives. The science behind Vastu Tips is to add the value to one’s life and brings in prosperity and peace. The behind every Vastu, the tip is a deep reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow.

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Solstice is also known as equinox which tells us about our relationship here on to the Sun at any given season. A solstice is a scientific term used while describing the day of the when the is furthest from the equator. There are 2 in a year which consist of one solstice during the summer, which lengthens the day to the maximum and another winter solstice during the winter, which shortens the to the minimum during the year. The timing of these depends on a particular hemisphere you are focusing on.


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New year is one of the most popular occasion across the . It is the new day very prominent for the life of a person as it is the day of new beginning leaving all the mistake, miseries, bad habits, behind and making resolutions for performing good deeds, improving oneself in every field and achieving great . The new year is evident if you want to achieve success in the new


This post will cover my 2018 review.

The 2018 Year in Review

The 2018 Year was an average year for me. I completed many tasks and goals but This year too much upheaval happened. Let me count them briefly:

Positive reviews:

  • I completed BCA: I feel free to complete the BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application).  There were many subjects that I don't like such as Maths, Accounting, Physics and more like that. I like only programming languages and all those subject which are related to computer.
  • I got the complete experience of computer teaching for 3 years: I have been teaching computer since 2016 and have got 3 years of experience in teaching computer at a private institute. At the beginning of teaching students, I was very shy. Now I am fine with my students and also I have now a good knowledge of computer.
  • I got the complete experience of web development for 5 years: I am making a website very long and this year I have 5 years of experience. Now I can make any type of website.
  • I made many changes to Publicapp: I am very happy to develop Publicapp and I am proud to be the owner of Publicapp. I made many changes in the Publicapp, and this year it looks beautiful.

Negative reviews:

  • I could not handle my time: I do not have not enough work but I was sometimes so busy that I could not work with my hobby. I thought of making a routine but I do not understand how to do it.
  • I can't handle my feelings: Sometimes I feel stress about everything, I get many negative thoughts and feelings about my life and future. Many of my friends got away this year, so I sometimes feel lonely.

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