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Lord or Puja is done to appease planet Saturn. of Shani is sought for mental peace and to get rid of various diseases. This Homam is done to attain mental peace and to wave off various diseases. This puja is performed for a happy life, stability and from all worries and problems.

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is a recitation of one of the seven segments of that delineate and portray Lord 's dedication alongside stories of valor, shrewdness, confidence and quality. can be done any day, anytime. However, for the greatest one should at least on Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navami, Navratri on Tuesdays, and full moon days. It improves situation and ensures a stable source of income. It's also helps in #legal matters and to overcome enemies. It removes the ill-effect of the planet Saturn, Rahu and Mars from your horoscope.

The determines the degree of accumulation of , areas in which cash could be received, ideal time to invest funds in stocks, immediate advances and windfalls, level of rise, good and bad periods in the forthcoming days etc.


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Our expert would advice you about the best period & also the difficult periods before hand so that you can be prepared and use the best periods to get higher profits & gains and deal the difficult times with extreme caution.mxepzzbfwcmqrjdlmlt9jey854ka6vc8.jpg

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Manglik Dosha leads to delay in , inadequate longevity, dissatisfaction in life & hence leading to extra marital affairs. ’s are indicative of Financial and troubles. and professional troubles are also indicated by Mangal . Mangal Dosha Nivaran Anushthan helps to mitigate ill effects of Mangal Dosha. Mangal Dosha Nivaran Anushthan helps in the lessening of the negativity of Mars or Mangal. There are specific special and ritual performed in this Anushthan.

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Year is the ideal time to draw the goals for the year or review them if required. suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations. One should also focus on their goals regularly, and the wealth gods shall surely smile on your face in this upcoming year

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It is auspicious to perform Goddess on this day. People sing songs in praise of goddess Lakshmi. They light up tiny diyas to drive all evil spirits away. On the night of , people light the lamps for entire length of the night. Traditional sweets are cooked and offered to the . This puja is to promote prosperity and .

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Goddess Lakshmi is considered as the of and riches and Lord is the keeper of wealth. Lakshmi Kuber puja is performed with the purpose of gaining legitimate and materialistic comforts. Those who are involved in issues should perform this puja to receive the blessings and elegance of Lakshmi and Kuber.

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