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6 Morning habits will save your life

Want to be a successful person?Every successful person has this 6-morning habits. If you are wasting your morning time then stop wasting. You also need to follow these 6-morning ritual to be successful in your life. Success is not an accident.Do these 6-morning habits before the sun rises. In short, the word is SAVERS which is defined by HAL ELROD in the Miracle Morning book. SilenceAffirmationVisualizationExerciseReadingScribingS is for silenceThis is the first habit of SAVERS. Basically here silence means meditation. You need to be silence for a little bit. In this habit, you can do things like Meditation, Prayer, Reflection, Deep Breathing and Gratitude. A is for affirmationThe second ha

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What is the significance of homam, agni, abhishekam, archana, alangaram, and prasadam in Hinduism?

Hindu #tradition is continuing from ancient times and is #widely famous all over the #world. This tradition may lay prominent stress on the place of intellect in #spiritual development. Our sages and #ancestors have never encouraged blind faith and every #scripture in #Hinduism is reflected in the real examples of life.

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What you should know about “Scar Revision”?

Scar revision as the name specifies is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of a scar.A scar is an indication in the skin which may be caused due to an injury. Improper healing a wound could greatly lead to scars and also for those wounds that are properly healed can also result in having a scar. Scar affects the overall appearance of a person. A scar could be colored, textured or hard, but overall it will affect the appearance.You could be a good candidate to have a scar revision Bangalore, if you are bothered by the presence of the scar, have a good health, doesn’t have any skin problems at the area to be treated and have a positive outlook and realistic expectation. Even thou

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