This post will cover my 2018 review.

The 2018 Year in Review

The 2018 Year was an average year for me. I completed many tasks and goals but This year too much upheaval happened. Let me count them briefly:

Positive reviews:

  • I completed BCA: I feel free to complete the BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application).  There were many subjects that I don't like such as Maths, Accounting, Physics and more like that. I like only programming languages and all those subject which are related to computer.
  • I got the complete experience of computer teaching for 3 years: I have been teaching computer since 2016 and have got 3 years of experience in teaching computer at a private institute. At the beginning of teaching students, I was very shy. Now I am fine with my students and also I have now a good knowledge of computer.
  • I got the complete experience of web development for 5 years: I am making a website very long and this year I have 5 years of experience. Now I can make any type of website.
  • I made many changes to Publicapp: I am very happy to develop Publicapp and I am proud to be the owner of Publicapp. I made many changes in the Publicapp, and this year it looks beautiful.

Negative reviews:

  • I could not handle my time: I do not have not enough work but I was sometimes so busy that I could not work with my hobby. I thought of making a routine but I do not understand how to do it.
  • I can't handle my feelings: Sometimes I feel stress about everything, I get many negative thoughts and feelings about my life and future. Many of my friends got away this year, so I sometimes feel lonely.