When you are unhappy with the appearance of your body, even though you have undergone exercising and dieting, then there is a great solution in cosmetic surgery. It is "tummy tuck" which is one of the popular surgical procedures. A tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. In simple words a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes the excess fat and skin from the abdomen area, that are resistant to dieting and exercising. There are a lot of facts that has to be known about abdominoplasty Bangalore if a person is considering it. Here are few basic facts related to tummy tuck.

1. Can everyone get a tummy tuck?

Not everyone can undergo a tummy tuck surgery Bangalore. This decision is generally decided by the surgeon. Basically a person with good overall health, well informed about the surgery, have realistic expectations with the surgery are considered being ideal; whereas other factors are a non-smoker, bothered by the appearance of the abdomen and finished having children.

2. Recovery takes several weeks

As it is a surgery, it would take a bit longer time to get fully recovered. The results of the tummy tuck are not immediately visible after the surgery and it would take several weeks following the surgery. The surgeon would instruct to wear compression garments after the tummy tuck because this will help in reducing the swellings and also helps in an easy recovery. It is likely to feel a moderate pain and it is generally controlled with pain medications. 

3. Tummy tuck is not meant for weight-loss

For undergoing a tummy tuck surgery it is important to have a stable weight that is before the surgery, the person has to loss the extra weight. A tummy tuck is not specific for weight loss; instead it only removes stubborn fat and excess skin.

4. Tummy tucks is not just for women’s

Tummy tuck is most common among the women’s; but it is not only for women’s, men can also experience the benefits of this procedure if they have excess skin due weight loss.

5. The results are long-lasting

Generally the results of a tummy tuck surgery are long lasting. But these results would go off if proper care is not taken. The best solution to maintain the final result of tummy tuck is to maintain a well-balanced diet and proper exercising.