Dotted in the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the main travel destinations and a well known and most explored honeymoon spot that comes under the union territory of India. The place houses within a number of travel attractions and fascinating natural wonders like the mud volcano and more that fascinates and grabs the attention of the travellers from around the world. It is mostly the fascinating and enchanting beauty of the beach destinations filled with coconut plantations and palm fringed shorelines, the crystal clear beauty of the waters and the saffron inked sky that makes the doted beach islands in Andaman the honeymooners Aden. With a number of travel operators like Andaman Tour Travel organising cost effective and cheap honeymoon packages to the beach capital Andaman, the rate of honeymooners travelling to the land has increased to a greater extent. Port Blair, being the capital city of the dotted islands is one of the most explored and visited honeymoon destination in Andaman and Nicobar islands. The place holds within a number of attractions like the historic destinations, the beach spots and more which the honeymoon couples explored to a greater extent. Listed below are some such attractions and adventures that are being offered at Port Blair that entices the travellers.

  • Sightseeing in Port Blair

Being the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Island, Port Blair is one of the most fascinating travel destinations with a number of attractions and sightseeing destinations. The place holds in a number of historic destinations, museums and more. The cellular jail at Port Blair is one of the best historic travel destinations in the land. The place holds within the brutal memories and the remains of the Indian freedom fight. The cellular jail better is known as the Kala Pani located the capital city was once the most feared prison in India that was known to impose the most inhuman methods for punishing the Indian freedom fighters that raised their voice against the Britishers. The light and the sound show that is organised at the jail is one of the other main attractions of the place. Port Blair also has a number of other sightseeing destinations like the Samudrika Marine Museum that exhibits the marine aspects of the island. Most of the couples and honeymooners travelling to the island prefer to enjoy the best of sightseeing at Port Blair. The beauty of the migratory birds at Chidiya Tapu would be one best thing that the honeymoon couples could enjoy the best in Port Blair.

  • Fun things to do in Port Blair

The capital city of Port Blair is not just a land of historic destinations where traveller’s couples could just enjoy sightseeing while at the place. There are a number of other things that the couples and honeymooners could enjoy the land like exploring the flavours and the taste of the lip-smacking seafood from some of the best Restaurants in the capital city. Port Blair is mostly referred to as the foodies Aden as the place to offer the travellers with a wide variety of food options that would be offering them with a treat to their taste buds. Rich red snappers, tiger prawns, barracudas, lobsters and squids will delight the honeymooner’s taste buds with its taste and the flavours that have been blended of the land. A number of travellers visit the land to just explore the richness of the cuisine of the island destinations. Most of the best hotels and restaurants in the capital city of Port Blair offer the travellers mostly couples with an option for candlelight dinner with a delicious set of menu.  One of the other best things that the honeymoon couples would love enjoying would be the nightlife in Port Blair. With live bands, a luscious mix of cocktails, rich food and picturesque view of the sea the nightlife at Port Blair would be one thing that honeymoon couples would never want to miss. The place houses a number of pubs and bars that mostly bring out the life at night really exciting and different. The life at Port Blair is something very exciting with the day adventurous and the nights happening and lively.

  • Adventurous Things to Do in Port Blair and Nearby Islands

The island destinations in Andaman is mostly all about adventures and water sports, Port Blair is also one such place which offers the travellers, the honeymoon couples and the visitors with a number of fascinating adventures which mainly includes water games. Some of the best water adventures that the couples and the travellers would love to enjoy in the land include deep sea diving, banana boat ride, undersea walking and more. Most of the couples and the travellers who love to make the best memories in the land do opt to enjoy some of the best water adventures that are being offered at the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is mostly said that for the travellers to enjoy the best underwater adventures swimming experience is a must. But most of the water adventures that are being offered in the capital city does not require underwater experiences except for deep sea diving. Undersea walking is one such water adventure that is offered at Port Blair that doesn't need any effort. The travellers opting for the same would not carry any heavy types of equipment as in the oxygen cylinder, the travellers would be offered with a helmet that would supply oxygen throughout without being interrupted. Most of the Andaman tour packages that are being organised in the capital city include some of the best water adventures of the land allowing the travellers to experience the best out of the land.

Port Blair being the capital city is one of the must-visit travel destinations in Andaman that would enthral the travellers and honeymoon couples with the different adventures that the place had to offer. Andaman is one of the most fascinating travel destinations which are being listed as one of the must-visit travel destinations in the world by the national travellers. With all the best attractions in the world, Andaman is one best and must visit travel spot that comes under the union territory of India.

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