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Frequently Asked Questions

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ChatAero Overview

ChatAero is an Indian Social Network. It is made for everyone not only for Indian people rather for foreigners too.

But some of the ChatAero services are not available in foreign.

If you are an Indian then you should use it because your data will be in your country. You can shop anything, you can play game with other members, connect with them. However you can improve your lifestyle and learn things also on ChatAero.

If you are not Indian then you should use ChatAero because It’s secure with SSL and your data is out of your country so you have an extraordinary power of speech.

ChatAero is free forever. You just need to sign up once with your email or your phone number then you will be able to access ChatAero services.

Some of the services is paid like shopping. Of course, no will sell physical things free.

Yes, your age should be 18+ to use the ChatAero.

Yes, you can access ChatAero from anywhere. There’s no restriction.

Yes, you can find and connect with any person on ChatAero.

Getting Started

It’s very easy to create account on ChatAero.

  1. Goto homepage of ChatAero
  2. Click on Create an Account
  3. Enter your first name and email or phone number
  4. If you want to create password then click on Signup with Password or if not then click on Signup with OTP.
  5. Then enter OTP of your email or phone number.

Your account will be ready to use.

It is very easy to edit profile.

  1. If you are using phone then click on the triple horizontal line then click on your name.
    if you are using desktop then click on the your name on the left side of screen.
  2. After opening your profile page click on Profile menu item which is after Activity menu item.
  3. After that you will all details of your profile, then click on Edit then enter or modify your profile details.

If you want to invite anybody on ChatAero share the link of website – https://chataero.com

Or you can share the link of ChatAero android app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chataero.android